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Web Design-97-98

my Early Web design

Godrej India Webdesign in 1998

I was fortunate enough to design some top companies website in 1998, The Godrej India was one of them.The site was design based on the marketing brief.


Microsoft India Webdesign in 1998

This was also a very prestigious project done by DBS design team in 1998. We all set for this project brief and the design this site. We got Microsoft as a client and its a huge advantage for us.

ABCL Website Design in 1998

This was a very prestigious project at that time. We went to Amitav Bachhan Corporation Limited in Bandra, Mumbai. I had a dream in my mind that AB himself will present in the brief, or atleast I can see him there . It was a huge complex, unfortunately the brief was given by the VP along with marketing team. My eye searched for him but no sign of that tall handsome gentleman.

The Timex Watch Webdesign in 1998 and nomination in 1st India Internet World 1998

This a site I really love to do design at that time. the copy writer was Suraj Hattangadi ( Now the CEO of 1st who was our creative head, wrote some top class copy & that took us to India internet World New Delhi 1998, along with National Stock Exchange Website.

The National Stock Exchange Website Design 1998 and nomination in 1st India Internet World 1998

The National Stock Exchange Website design one of the most prestigious project at that time. My CEO Manish Sharma ( Now the CEO of pitched for this project. Obviously a tough competition he fought & won the project. I have designed this site. I am fortunate enough that this site was nominated at 1st India Internet World Expo, New Delhi in 1998. My another site also was nominated & that was Timex Watch site 1989  Soccer World Cup Series. See all the user interface  below.

The City Bank Web Interface in 1996-97

The City Bank User Interface I have designed in the year 1997. There was a big competition to grab this project.Rediff & Planet Asia pitched for this project. We work hard to create this UIs.  I dont have the big screen of this UIs. If you see the details Information Architecture, you can understand the depth of the site.

Working with DBS Internet in Mumbai home page lookIn 1998 I joined DBS Internet leading by three dynamic entrepreneurs Manish Sharma, Viraj Swant, & Sanjay Shetty. It’s really very enjoyable working with lots of talented people there. At that time we are always competing with in each & every account. We have to work hard to grab a project from Rediff & I worked almost two years with DBS & got opportunity to work for some fortune 500 clients.

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