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Responsive website re-design

Responsive re-design for a company.



Honda Cars India Landing Page and all Model Landing Page UIs done between 2002-2009

Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India Ltd. Parent Site and all Bike Model landing page UI design

A Minimalist Website for Fashion Startup

A Minimalist Website for Fashion Startup

A women’s fashion startup featuring neckties designed just for women. their goal was to bring this sexy accessory into every woman’s wardrobe as a staple. They need a simple website design that will feature only 6 design products.

The Fantasy Daily, Curated Sports News website

Fantasy Sports News Website

The Fantasy Sports News needs a fresh, content mobile friendly responsive website. The concept is they wants to display curated fantasy sports content in one place. Here are two options I have done for them.

Digital Advertising Company Website Responsive UI

Responsive digital ad company websiteDigital online advertising responsive website design. redesign thought

HOW DesignHOW Design a Founded in 1985, the HOW brand began its life as a print magazine. It is truly a guide for online design courses. and more. Whether we work for a design firm, for a creative department it serves the business, creativity and technology needs of graphic designers. is the source for everything HOW. HOW design is an inspiration galore in terms of cutting edge design projects, information about specific disciplines, and interactive content to keep you at the front of the pack. If you see the website, it’s not up to date with latest design trend. Responsive & mobile view is very important.

I have tried a quick design shots for HOW. I feel this is the look and feel of HOW depicts trendy, huge, informative & simple.

User Interface design for facebook apps “Max Quiz

Facebook apps UI for "Max quiz"
Facebook apps UI for “Max quiz”

The client wants to starts a facebook apps named “Max Quiz”. The design requirements were some set of interface of questionnaires which will run on facebook. I have designed some UIs for them. Please have a look.

Facebook apps UI for "Max quiz"
Facebook apps UI for “Max quiz”


Facebook apps UI for "Max quiz"
Facebook apps UI for “Max quiz”

New logo & responsive web design of

Alltimejobs Logo Design
Alltimejobs Logo Design

Alltimejobs a recruiting company wants to revamp the old brand identity. The management wants to give a fresh & trendy look and prefer green color as a base color of the brand. While doing this exercise of choosing green color I thought about a green shade which tender fresh look as well as corporate. Going through this process, we have decided to adopt the pantone 369 as a base color. The logo symbol depicts people in motion add a great value to the brand identity.

graphics-14Responsive Design: While doing website design, we use foundation 5 as a front end framework so that it works fine in tablet and mobile also.


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