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Logo Design logo, icon for iphone, & business card design logo logo logo designA company named “4me” want to develop a nice logo. I have designed few options for them. Please have a look.


Logo design for a cloud computing company.

Standing Cloud logo design basic sketches
Standing Cloud Logo Design
Standing Cloud Final Logo Design
Standing Cloud Logo

On other day my boss told me to design a logo for a cloud computing company, who offers a logo design contest in The name of the company is The company had a controversy about the Papyrus font used in their existing logo. See the links below.

I thought that I have to give my thoughts on it. I started sketching a smart & bold logo unit for the company. It took two days to come up with some good logo unit. I started designing my thoughts and submit my works. I put my best effort to get this contest by submitted lots of permutations & combinations, and ultimate I won the contest among 204 design concepts from 64 designers. I enjoyed a lot to designing this logo & the client is very happy.

See the contest page & winning design:

See the comments on tech crunch regarding the new logo implementation:
Standing Cloud Raises $3 Million, Fends Off Font Snobs with New Logo

Cloud Computing Startup want an awesome Logo!

Cloud Bearing logo Design
Cloud Bearing logo design in

A start-up consulting firm that will focus on migrating small to mid size businesses to the cloud.Our first objective is to save our clients money by reducing their IT expenditures via cloud computing.The choice of the word bearing was based on the definition as “Awareness of one’s position or situation relative to one’s surroundings”. Some of the qualities we would like the logo to reflect are: Trustworthy and Dependable, Creative, Out of the Box Thinkers, Professional, Passion for Technology, Passion for Our Clients. This was a 99designs submissions logo for new a startup company

ViewText logo design
ViewText logo design in

Client wants to attract web developers, bloggers, mobile websites, mobile apps, and heavy users of RSS feeds to use for displaying article content in an easy to read, simple format. This was a submission.

WorldBlu logo design. Design a logo that changes the world!

worldBlu-logo design
worldBlu logo design in submission

WorldBlu founded in 1997 as a for-profit social enterprise by Traci Fenton, the purpose of WorldBlu is to unleash human potential and inspire freedom by championing the growth of democratically-managed organizations worldwide. They are looking for a fresh take on our current logo. Basically want a  design to be sleek and have a global appeal. They are about freedom and democracy in the workplace, the opposite of the command-and-control environments most people work in. So need a  fresh, energetic and inspiring design.

This is a submission.

Make My Restaurant Logo Tasty

Client wants a logo for his restaurant. The restaurant, more of a fast food place, not too fancy. He is looking for a design that is Sleek, Simple, Clean, and Catchy. He do not want something too complicated with to many colors. This is a submission by me.

Logo design for

Cloudmagic logo design
Cloudmagic logo design in

CloudMagic is a web 2.0 product to search your data on cloud at the speed of thought! To start with CloudMagic will be searching data on Google services like Gmail, Google docs etc. Client asked for a logo with web 2.0 look & preferably use red color. This is a contest

“HOUSE OF HEARING” a fresh take on hearing logo’s

House of hearing lo design in 99designs.comAn Audiologist launching a brand new Hearing Clinic. A modern/contemporary designed space. He want the logo welcoming space without the feel of your average medical/clinic setting. The logo should not include any references to “House/Homes”, this is only the name of the clinic. So basically, no images of a House. This is also a competition. These are my submission.

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