Red action point

When it comes to design an action button, colour of the button deliver a serious role to play. We always have a quest that which option is more intuitive for the user or what colour will drive user to click. This UX phenomenon became very important for sites that have lead generation as a business model. To find out how the human psychology works in this context, we have to drill down in to human behavioral pattern.

Now let us talk about a very common instrument called traffic signal where red, yellow and green colour used to convey visual message to car drivers. Red depicts stop, yellow stand for steady and green says go. Therefore, red typically denotes danger & green means clear. Red naturally gives us pause due to its warm & energy. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. In our cell phone also, the red button warns us that we are going to cut off a call, and green gives us the message that we are going ahead to receive the call.

Case study

The red vs. green war has been a long running battle on the web, with no definitive winner. There are plenty of case studies found online, but many of them are conflicting. carried out a test regarding this. In the test, they found that, green had a much bigger impact than red and conversions were 21% higher.


Similarly, a test run by comparing the feedback for red and green buttons also increased conversion rates by a huge 34%.

Some designers opt for a dark orange color instead of red, as these contrasts better with some backgrounds. Designers believe that, orange is the future when it comes to CTA buttons.

We all know that front-end frameworks are the latest trend for developing fast and powerful web and mobile interfaces. These frameworks has predefined components, add-on etc. They have done extensive research on components and create library. Last week I was going through a front-end framework named uikits. In their theme section, they sincerely name the buttons as blue for badge, green for success, yellow for warning and red for danger.


Danger is a very powerful trigger of action and red is the colour of danger. As I discuss this with Mr. Wadhwa and he says people are very much attract in odd things. As an example, he says people will read a murder news 1st rather than travel news. Therefore, in this case murder news (Danger) attracts users. Therefore, in his opinion red button may generate more leads then green.

At last, I would say that all those tests reported that red converted at a higher rate. However, is this is true?